Thembela Taboshe

I reluctantly pursued my studies towards a career in the maritime industry at the tender age of 17 after my family refused that I study towards a career in choreography and arts.
I sailed with Safmarine Container Lines with my first ship being in 2005 as a Cadet and my last as a Second Officer in 2013. I managed to accumulate enough seatime to sit in for my Master’s CoC and I eventually got it in 2016 April.
I worked at SAMSA as a Ship Surveyor and Examiner from 2013 until February 2019.
I’m now working at Blue Continents Product, a subdivision of the Oceana Group in Cape Town as a Safety, Health and Environmental Executive concentrating on fishing and fishing vessel safety.
I’m an avid reader and a speaker of truths who loves getting to know people and believes that everyone has a story to share. I come from a large family and as a result have a higher threshold for different personalities and the ability to allow people to be. I’m a loud-laugher and a believer in authenticity.
I’m currently pursuing an LLB degree part-time and recently moved to doing it through UNISA and hope to finish it someday when life decides to go easy on me with the hurdles.
I’m a Mother to a healthy and highly energetic, 3 year old son, who was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome (for him, that meant having his fingers affected, with a total of 7 fingers between his two hands) whose story I share on my personal social media pages in a quest to educate people on the difference between differently-abled and disabled.
I’m a firm believer in no two people being the same hence constantly learning to accept and allowing people to be whomsoever they wish to be and do whatever it is that makes them happy without imposing my beliefs on them.
I love meeting people as much as I love my solitude and often describe myself an introverted extrovert. I am passionate about all things humanitarian and believe in doing things in alignment with my purpose over any worldly praise.