Sylvia Siyo

A colourful tenure of 22 years at Transnet, since 1997. As part of the first quota of Black female apprentices, I acquired my skills and experience as the first entrant of female apprentices in 1997 at Wentworth Diesel Depot, Transnet Engineering, then known as Spoornet. Completed 4-year apprenticeship Training in 2001, as an Artisan – Diesel Electrical Supervisor.

Determined to gain respect from my peers, I became the first female supervisor in a Diesel Locomotive business in 2005. This afforded me an opportunity to lead and ensure I provide a safe and healthy work environment for my staff and peers.

It has been a challenging and hard journey but I have always worked hard and have climbed the ranks, I have been an artisan, supervisor and to date manager. I have always have been passionate about women’s rights and opportunities in the workplace, I have been active in women’s forums and also have personally excelled in my own personal training and development.

Male dominated industry, wanted to be the female voice for Transnet from the female’s perspective, and also served as Secretariat.

Responsibility to skill, mentor and train is an obligation and right as the transformation in South Africa in afforded us this opportunity, and I always felt obligation to give back.

Training, mentoring and inspiring women and girls from under-privileged communities to succeed in industry.

The Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity in South Africa programme aims to inspire and sustain the changes in South African needs to bridge the enormous gulf between rich and poor and build a healthier nation. To achieve it, the country needs bold leaders to tackle the severe social and economic inequities that determine the health of individuals, communities and populations.

Currently working at the Head Office of Transnet Port Terminals, Durban as Business Case Development Manager. It is one of Transnet’s Operating Divisions in Capital Projects’ Office in Business Case Development for the execution of capital projects throughout the Terminals.