Mari Pennanen

Receiving the “The Best port operator or terminal in Africa” in Women in Transport awards 2016, made Mari grateful as one of the founding members of DSM Corridor Group.

When the port terminal site was organised, her next look was along the corridor: Decreasing overall logistics costs to end users by enhancing the end-to-end connectivity of inland logistics chain: New terminal in Kapiri with regular train connection has been implemented. Use of rail brings costs savings as well as lowers the carbon foot print.
Mari tends to practise business development in rather unconventional way. She enjoys bringing wider, sometimes seemingly not-at-all-connected, concepts together, combine them with requirements of different interested parties and create innovative solutions as a response to constantly changing business environment.

Integrating Quality Management Systems approach, IFC performance standards and United Nations Global Compact Initiative (UNGC) values and innovative inclusive business models to maritime and intermodal environment has been sometime her interest.

Mari has experience of more than 21 years in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Mari is also a director in DSM Corridor Ships Chandelling. She has Msc from University of Helsinki, Finland and several post-graduate studies in different European universities. At the moment she studies Leadership with Aalto university at Uongozi instute.