Margrit Wolff

Margrit Wolff started working at the age of 14 as a nurse. She obtained her Matric Certificate (school leaving certificate) when she was 24 by studying at night through correspondence.
In 1979, she was employed in the clearing and forwarding industry as a sales person. She quickly realized this was what she was meant to pursue and steadily progressed.

Ms. Wolff started her first business, Buffalo Freight Systems, at age 47 in 1999 having bonded her house for the seed capital. In 2006 she sold Buffalo Freight Systems and stayed on to manage the business until 2012, at which time the “Corporate” who bought Buffalo Freight Systems decided she was too old and they needed to replace her. After a brief fight, she left and was able to start Mercury Freight Immediately.

Mercury Freight has been successful since day one. Her leadership abilities and business ethics have also enabled Ms. Wolff to retain her employees, most of whom have been with her for more than 17 years. She is well respected for her hard work and dedication in achieving success and has a profound effect on those who work for her.
Ms. Wolff is a highly accomplished entrepreneur who has achieved many of her professional dreams.

She is particularly proud of her international reputation within the field. Ms. Wolff began to understand how much of an impact she was making when she met with a CEO of a major Chinese Government owned shipping line and he said, “So you are Miss. Margrit from Africa.”

Margrit has also a number of international business awards.
Margrit has also a number of international business awards.