Debbie Owen

Debbie Owen heads the award-winning Lawhill Maritime Centre’s maritime education at Simon’s Town School ( and was appointed a Maritime Ambassador for the UN’s International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in 2015.

An experienced CSI and communications practitioner (including crisis communications), Debbie – prior to moving into the field of education in 2014 – spent more than 25 years working full time in the PR, media, publishing and communication fields where she gained valuable experience in a range of organisations – from international corporates to small PR agencies.

While running her own business (established in 2000) and deeply inspired by the nation-building example of former president Nelson Mandela (whom she met) she decided to become actively involved in her free time in the upliftment of youth from marginalised communities. Her passion and commitment to building a more equitable society then led to the decision to close her business in 2014 and move into the field of education on a full-time basis.